Thursday, March 22, 2012

How Their Responses Contribute To Social, Cultural and Technological Changes

Ancient Civilization affect our world and the things we do today greatly. From the things we build, to clothes we wear, to food we eat, is all directly or indirectly connected to our past generations and their way of civilization.

At the Ancient Civilization museum, we saw an artifact that has similar use to an object use in our world, today. This is an example of how an ancient invention or idea may be a useful invention for the future. Wit modification, the ancient artifacts are all beneficial to our world today.

Picture of the Artifacts:

The above picture shows an artifact on display. The artifact are some ancient weapons used by early settlers. The artifacts are made of metal and are about the size of a finger. The artifact was used as a weapon by wearing the sharp metal rings on their fingers. This would then form something like a claw for them to use to protect themselves to attack.

We use this kind of invention today to, not widely, however, with modification. We take ideas from our past and make them better by adding or subtracting components from the invention to better suit the situation we are in today.

Sea monster bowl

The picture above shows a bowl with the carvings of a sea monster. From this, I can infer that the people of the past used to be superstitious and think that sea monsters such as the ones in the bowl existed. This is because people would believe in a sea monster before actually getting a Changsha artist to carve it in a bowl.

Inscription on Bowls

From the text, I can infer that in Tang China, bowls would have brush work on them by Changsha to express feelings or to state what the bowl was for. Every bowl would have it’s own poetry for uniqueness.

Buddha symbol bowl

The picture above shows a symbol of a buddha. From this, I can infer that the people of that time respected their religion a lot. I say this as the description states, "The design reflects the popularity of Buddhism in that region". To carve something on to the face of a bowl, something one would use in his every meal, would mean that that person holds great respect for the Buddha. Thus, I can infer that the people of that time respected buddhism a lot.

Inferences - Difference between Singapore River, Past & Present

Past & Present Photos

Past: Singapore River used to be a place where many boats would harbour themselves as the picture shows all the boats crowding around the river.

Present: Singapore River has undergone many changes since the past and now it is very developed and is a tourist attraction. The picture shows a boat taking tourists along the Singapore River.

Group Photos

Information About Singapore River: Change And Continuity

The singapore river a very prominent part of early Singapore. The river goes all the way from central area to the southern region of Singapore, where it connects to the indian ocean. The Singapore river runs 3km from the source, Kim Seng Bridge. The Singapore river was a well-known trading and commerce spot. Some quays around Singapore river are Qlarke Quay, Boat Quay and Robertson Quay. However, being a very famous spot, many people visited and boats were docked at the Singapore river, causing a whole lot of pollution to affect the river.

The river was very badly in the early 1800s.
Mass trading and urbanization caused the Singapore river to have heavy boat traffic. Litter from boats, disposal of garbage, sewage from industries, pig and duck waste were a common sight at the Singapore river. In 1977, Singapore's Prime Minister, Lee Kwan Yew, suggested an idea to the government to clan up the Singapore river. In October of 1977, plans were made and submitted to the Prime Minister about the river clean-up. Action was then taken to change the urbanization and infrastructure at the Singapore river. Giving industries and hawkers, proper disposal places and moving pig and duck farms away to reduce pollution. After 10 years of hard work, the Singapore river clean-up proect was complete and it was a success. To celebrate the success of the clean-up, people enjoyed activities such as wayang performances and pontoons.

It is very common, today, to see people enjoying the Singapore river. Be it through water sports such as the dragon bats and speed boats that are commonly docked at the Singapore river. The Singapore river is now part of the Marina reservoir. A dam was build over the Singapore river. That dam is called the Marina Barrage. Marina Barrage is an interesting tourist spot for people today.

Picture of early Singapore River,

Picture of Singapore River 2011,