Thursday, March 22, 2012

Shape Courses-Singapore River

Based on the photographic evidence of Singapore River, it is unlikely that it would change its shape courses. As there are many well-established landmarks along the river, for example Raffles Landing Site, The Fullerton Hotel, etc. This once dirty and littered river is now a clean and beautiful river which offers recreational activities for tourists as well as citizens.
As the river cuts right through the city and that is where trading was conducted. In the past, the river was connected to the main trading square. Thus making it easier for traders to dock in for trading. The river also leads to the ocean directly, this means that the main trading parts of Singapore was easily accessible. The bridges that were built in the past for linking each sides of the river, for example Elgin Bridge, Coleman Bridge are still in use today and it shows marks the importance of this river.
The once commercial-activity buzzed Singapore River, has became a tourism 'hot spot' with plenty of attractions to visit now. However, some of its commercialized heritage still remains. Lastly, Singapore River has already became part of our culture and its shape course would not change in time to come.

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